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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  May 25, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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midwest. this is northern . right there. right there. right there. you got it. we got a funnel. >> this is not the midwest. this is northern california. where the twisters touched down. yes, more than one. it's a get out of jail free without parole supervision card. >> california criminals released. no one tracking them. all because of a computer glitch. tonight, the flawed system that may have led to a loss of life. and how would you like to be paid $100,000 to drop out of school? you'll meet some bay area students who are taken a silicon valley entrepreneur up on that. >> i was shocked. >> the man who found an 8 pound gold nugget shares his secrets on how he discovered it and where he thinks there is more. good evening. >> it is something you rarely see here in california, a
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tornado touching down. >> got it. we got a funnel. >> yeah doesn't quite have the power of those in the midwest, but this is one of at least three tornados reported in a rural area outside chico this afternoon. they all hit in mostly pasture land so this was no significant damage on the ground. here it is again. >> right there, you got it. >> yeah. we got a funnel. >> it touched down shortly after a tornado warning went out just after 6:00 tonight. the only damage reported was to a couple of orchards. there were four minor car accidents during the time of the storm. the state of california has released criminals from prison by mistakes and some of those prisoners have gone on to commit new crimes. prison officials are blaming a computer. >> the inspector general is the watch dog of california prisons
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and what you found after a 7 months long investigate can be summed up. >> a get out of jail free without parole supervision card. >> reporter: he's referring to the 1500 inmates that were released on parole without any supervision last year. why should you care? 450 of them were given non-revokable patrols and the union says that means. >> parole agents in the state of california are prohibited from tracking these parolees. >> reporter: so no one was tracking zachariah lena who was accused of beating and woman to death. >> the only suspect in that case is the person who was on the non-revokable parole program and i believe had he not been placed on that program that homicide might not have happened. >> reporter: so was javier ruida. >> he was released on this
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program. shot at two l.a. police officers. he injured them but did not kill them. >> reporter: how is this happening? in the past the department of corrections and parole agents assess if an inmate was too violent and likely to offend. but in 2009 to save money and clear prison cells the department of corrections persuaded the legislator that a computer program would assess better than humans. >> this computer program has only a weak predictability. >> reporter: the inspector general found the computer failure rate was at 23.5% and there's no way to put those wrongly released felons back behind bars. in fact, the ig found offenders pay have already been discharged from non-revokable paroles after completing 12 months of parole. thereby precluding cdcr from taking actions to correct the parolees inappropriate placement on non-revokable parole.
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and still this faulty program is being used each day. >> so we have over a thousand people now erroneously released. >> reporter: there's more late today a state senator sent this letter. he is demanding the names and release location of all 450 high-risk parolees but consider this: non-revokable parole is just like a general release. that means those parolees may have already left the state because right now there is no one tracking or monitoring any affect of their behavior. >> and every day we have new stories about how crowded the prisons are and that there needs to be some further release programs. >> reporter: very quick add to this, the recent supreme court decision that 30,000 inmates must be released with the system not working, what can we do? >> frightening. the l.a.p.d. says they're satisfied with the results of a suspect lineup in the
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investigation of the beat of of bryan stow. they say detectives will present a case to the d.a.'s office at the appropriate time. parolee giovanni ramirez was in that lineup. ramirez says that he didn't do it. and that he wasn't even at the game because he was babysitting his 10-year-old daughter. his lawyer visited him in jail today and explained why he believes his client. >> a hot of it is just the way he acts. he's in tears. he is willing to take a police polygraph. i've never had anyone say that to me in 40 years i've been practicing criminal defense. >> the claim is that ramirez wasn't in any of the pictures. a high school senior shot
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dead caught in a hail of bullets in east oakland. he was found unconscious on ritchie street. elizabeth cook on the question of was he targeted or an instant bystander. >> reporter: this is how 17-year-old ditiyan franklin's life ended. at 2:30 this afternoon while riding his bike home from high school. neighbors say this was his regular route home from school. in fact, he used to live at this greenhouse. he was just three weeks away from graduating. >> you could see like a lot of boys that do what they need to do, but in the end, mess up. and in the beginning, like he messed up, but he fixed it at end. so he was graduating. >> reporter: the house near where ditiyan was shot is also riddled with bullets one went through a bedroom wall.
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either he was targeted or caught in the middle. miss will say ditiyan didn't have a gun on him. they have few leads and want witnesses to come forward. >> it's not the oakland police department that solves crimes it's the community that helps that solves crimes. >> reporter: she can't believe she won't see him in class tomorrow. >> i don't know. like, speechless. >> reporter: in oakland where the class of 2011 will have one fewer graduate, elizabeth cook, cbs 5. and other bay area headlines now, right near that deadly shooting in east oakland there was this. a two alarm fire tearing through a home. happened around 5:30 on burr street. nobody was inside at the time. no word on the cause or a damage estimate. and richmond police are looking for two men who robbed an armored truck at gun point.
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there were no shots fired and nobody was hurt. police are reviewing the surveillance video. who says you have to go to college to get an education? the founder of san jose based pay pal is paying 2 bay area students big bucks and promising mentorships with some of the most prominent entrepreneurs in silicon valley but there's a catch. this new kind of education. >> it's about designing these games. >> reporter: by any standards andrew su from palo alto is a smart guy. it's 20 years old and has his masters's degree but now he's being paid $100,000 to stay away from his graduate work to focus on hi company called ari labs. >> basically trying to show kids that learning can be fun. >> reporter: he jones 24 hours between the ages of 17 and 20 who are being paid not to go to school for two years and to use that time to work on their own
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entrepreneurial ideas. it is the brain child of pay pal cofounder peter teal who argues that higher education is overvalued and can in fact stymie some creative minds. su agrees that it's controversial. >> these people i think can make it no matter what they do, they're that good. so i think it's a great idea and to produce really good opportunities for the future. >> reporter: dale stevens of san fransisco is another fellowship winner and dropped out of his under graduate program to pursue his project. >> this is about motivation and validation. >> reporter: but stevens admits not everyone agrees with his choices nor the concept that hire education is overvalued -- higher education is overvalued and overrated. >> the most assistance i received was from the college
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who felt like my decision to leave college was a value judgement on their decision to stay in college. >> reporter: but don't write off the value of tradition colleges just yet. the college board is out to study that says that college graduates make $22,000 per year more than those who did not go to traditional colleges like here at san fransisco state. >> you can't argue those stats: thankfully the prediction never came true but it appears word of the rapture is directly related to the death of one man in the bay area. it's been a huge miracle in my life that i can stand in front of you here today. >> elizabeth smart face to face with her kidnapper. her words for her abductor, his singing, and his sentence. a one in a billion find. >> i did scream when i pulled it out of the bag. >> what it took to uncover this
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gold. the new technology that is making a difference for 21st century gold diggers. coming up next.
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the rapture predict . the death of man in the east bay is apparently directly related to the rapture prediction. tonight the contra costa times reports that the judgement day proclammation made a florida man believe that god would help him swim across an 88 acre lake in antioch. the man could not swim. he drowned on friday, the day before worlding ending earthquakes were predicted to begin. elizabeth smart got her first chance to address a man who held her captive and raped
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her for months when she was just 14 years old. it took elizabeth smart about 30 seconds to speak her peace to brian david mitchell who chosed his eyes and sang hymns when she was talking. today he received two hive sentences without parole. smart told him he took away 9 months of her life that can never be returned, and that she will have a good life despite what he did to her. >> i told brian david mitchell today in court that whether he received his just sentence here on earth or after this earth life that one day he will have to be responsible for his actions. >> smart now 23 recently returned from a mormon mission to france. she plans to finish college and is considering a career in law. sun bathers beware. many sun screens do not provide
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enough protection. the ftf does block the upv rays but more than half the sun screens on the market do not protect from the cancer causing uva rays. >> when we took a look at sun screens available in the u.s. we found that three out of five do not contain enough uva protection. >> the group also says that a high spf does not mean it protects against melanoma. so which products are best? look for zinc or titanium because they do help protect from uva. the price of gold has never been higher so we should all grab a pick and shovel and head for the hills, right? you probably know that gold is incredibly hard to find these days, not easy as it was in the 1850s, though it can be done. grace lee reports, it takes science and a whole lot of luck. >> reporter: hidden in the hills
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of these sierra nevada, gold near the south yuba river in nevada county the old 49ers mined most of it but look at what they left behind. >> it's heavy. >> reporter: it's called the washington nugget. weighing in at 100 ounces. without this rock just to give you an idea of the size of the washington nugget, and 8 pounds is the average weight of a newborn baby. >> i did scream when it pulled it out of the bag. >> reporter: fred is a geologist and he helped auction off the washington nugget. he believes it is a one in a billion find and that's why it sold for $400,000, more than twice the record market rate. >> the chance of finding big pieces of gold they're truly rare in nature so it's not likely we'll find another big one near california. >> reporter: during the gold
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rush high drolic mining was used here. a few miles up this same channel one man found the washington nugget on his private property. and this is his very first television interview. when you expected to find gold, you were thinking little pieces, right? >> oh, absolutely. nothing the size of a newborn baby. >> reporter: he was been wary of media because he is still digging for gold. he is hiding his face and name to avoid any modern-day claim jumpers. is it true you slept with it? . that's the rumor. >> is it the truth? >> not really the truth, but i kept it close at hand, yes. >> reporter: how did he find what may be the biggest gold treasure in modern california history? with help from people like michael manatti. he is a detectorist. he's not wielding your everyday machinery. this is a customized deep seeking metal detector.
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>> for gold it's going to be a nonferrous metal so go oooh and then oooh-ooooot-oooh. >> reporter: we got special permission to demonstrate how they work. we buried this rock filled with gold. and it took only seconds for michael to find it. >> it's like a dream come true. it gives you exhilaration. >> reporter: and that's why they are searching for more. the lure of gold has michael scouring the same area where the washington nugget was found. he got some very strong signals and that could mean more buried treasure. >> i think with our newer technology that the early settlers did not have we have new opportunities. >> reporter: before you rush to the mother lode it's not that easy to find. this team spent years pouring over historic materials and
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searching for geologic clues. >> reporter: you're using old maps and logic. >> and we went and looked at the accounts of the time, what some of the gold miners wrote in their memoirs. >> reporter: and it takes luck? >> absolutely. >> reporter: in grace lee, cbs 5. >> gives new meaning to gold digger. >> it's still there, roberta. they only got some of it. >> i tell you what they got today, a whole lot of snow. let's take you to the high sierra where 4 inches did accumulate. wind gusts up to 80 miles an hour in the upper ridges. the staple storm that caused that snow caused this. a tornado to be spotted and snapped by troy donaldson. he sent us this photograph of this tornado. do you see it there? it's the same storm that dumped nearly a half an inch of rain in
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santa rosa today. 1/100 of an inch of rain was reported in downtown san jose. look at the lesser amounts to the east of the bay while mountain view had 3/10 of an inch. we'll start out cloudy tomorrow but during the day we will see some partial clearing of the skies. tonight overnight temperatureswise into the 40s and to 50 degrees in oakland. this is the area of low pressure very impressive. i'm going to broaden this picture out. this is the frontal boundary that pushed through and behind it was all the unsettled air masses, this core, this center, and that's what spawned the tornados through the or-ville area. the rain is dissipating and it leaves cloud cover to fill in in the overnight hours and taking you up towards that morning commute. so tomorrow once the clouds do
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part the temperatures will respond to the sunshine, 357 degrees in pacifica, 65 in oakland, the forecast calls for on friday cloud cover and then a slight chance of rain, turning partly cloudy by sunday into monday. and that is your pinpoint forecast. news of the day from a bird's eye perspective. how our chopper beams video from the air to your tv. that's ahead in tonight's good question. our planes start flying when it's dark.
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and they don't stop flying until it's dark again. flying all day, every day. you deserve our best. that's why there's so many flight options. [ webber ] southwest airlines
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has seven daily nonstop flights from the bay area to chicago midway to fit your schedule. ♪ hey, we're on your schedule, not ours. there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ] it helps us bring a birds-eye view of the bay area, to your living room. . we use it to bring you breaking news and puty shots as well. it brings us a bird aeye view of the bay area to your livingroom. how do we get great steady pictures from chopper 5 to you? that's tonight's good question. report it's ready to go 24-7 and it can deliver some of the most
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speck tack har pictures you'll ever see. >> the picture you can get from that scene i don't think you would have been able do it from the ground. >> reporter: chopper 35 pie hot and the photographer were able to capture the first dramatic pictures of the san bruno explosion and fire because they had the perfect vantage point. >> when you're flying up in chopper 5 it's easy to see why this makes so much sense for television. you can spot fires, traffic accidents from a great distance. but the real secret weapon aboard this aircraft is down below. it's a specially designed gyro stabilize camera system coupled with a transmitter it can operate from the back side. >> before they hit rally have to open the door and hang out and shoot. so now i just sit here an basically play a video game. >> reporter: he can zoom in with a rock steady lens, go left or right through the hand held
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remote consol and make far away images like close. >> amazing. about 1200 feet i can still see your face. >> reporter: the result is sharp, steady, live image that is would have been nearly impossible a decade ago. >> fun job. >> yes, it is, because i get to go up every day. >> reporter: go to click on connect to send me your good question.
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clock... . well, before the marlins came to town the giants won nine straight. 16-year-old youtube star had a rare disease and caused him a dwarf like appearance at the
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yard tonight. ramirez bobbled it and the giants scored. the giants trailing 6-4. trevor cahill was not cahill tonight. 2-1 angels. their next batter, goes deep. back to back home runs, did the a's in. they lose 4-1 to the angels. d backs and rockies, wittington is robbed of a solo home run. oh, baby that would have tied the game. mavericks put the thunder away tonight they're going to the final. now they'll take on either either the bulls or the heat. st. louis makes sure of that the tampa wins 5-4. they got a game seven in boston on friday night. i'm going with history, i want boston. quite a white since they've been in the final.
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>> what innings are the giants in. >> 9th inning. >> 6-4. >> all right. see you at 11. ♪
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